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Introducing Maahs Travels

I worked with accessible travel advocate Fred Maahs to create a unique brand for his company, Maahs Travels. The primary focus of the company was to consult with destinations on accessibility and adapting their attractions to be desirable for travelers with disabilities. We wanted a brand that was friendly and approachable, worldly and professional. I was able to adapt an existing animation to make it reflect his desired demographic. I created the woman in the blue shirt, the service dog, and child along with other small adjustments and recoloring.

disability illustration maahs color2-01.
Maahs Travels - Skia Logo Purple-07.png

I worked with Fred to create this logo for his new brand. We wanted the logo to portray the sophistication of his consulting service without losing the playfulness and excitement of travel. We made the decision to use the new accessibility logo within his logo to align him with disability rights advocates and leave behind the passivity of the "handicapped" logo.

We utilized illustration throughout the new site we created for Maahs Travels. I created this earth illustration as a custom element for the site. 

Maahs Travel Earth Illustration3-01.png
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