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Signlight Logo Creation

I worked with the Sign World Studios team to rebrand both their film production studio and their nonprofit that provided professional skills and training for deaf and hard-of-hearing aspiring actors, artists and filmmakers. I had full creative control over the project from conception to final product and worked with the team to make sure the final logos felt authentic to the ASL community.

My original concept was to line hands up to spell out the word sign. This logo was strong conceptually but lacked authenticity for the ASL members of the Sign Light team.

I moved on to create the final concepts presented. "Sign Light" and "Sign World Studios" have their own signs which I attempted to bring to life in 2D.

The client was incredibly happy with the artwork I created and felt we worked together well creatively. They were also impressed with how I addressed their notes and navigated constructive feedback.

In addition to creating a logo for Sign World Studios and Sign Light, I built them a Wix site that brought their brand to life and allowed them to accomplish their business goals.


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